Kids 50cc Dirt Bike

The KXD50R dirt bike is the ideal first motorbike for a junior. A 16 stone maximum rider weight limit means though that it can be used by the majority of adults too!

With a soft power delivery mechanism the bike is simple to control and inspires confidence. The fully automatic clutch system removes the need to learn complex gear changes - just pull back on the twist grip throttle and away you go.

Like a standard bicycle the breaks are lever operated and mounted to the handlebars while the motorbike is started using an electric starter button.

Rear and front suspension systems provide a smooth ride and combine with the chunky off road tyres to provide superb stability and control. Riding this bike will feel second nature to those already used to riding a bicycle.

The dimensions of the bike are:

  • 82cm Wheelbase
  • 56cm Seat height to floor
  • 36cm Seat height to foot pegs

Additional features include:

  • Soft power delivery.
  • Chunky off road tyres.
  • Simple to use.
  • Electric push button start.
  • Fully automatic - single throttle control.
  • Full front and rear suspension.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Highly portable - fits into most car boots.
  • Arrives fully built and tested, ready to go.
Engine type: 2 Stroke auto lube
Engine size: 50cc
Clutch: Fully automatic CVT
Start-up: Electric start with kick start back-up
Braking: Both front and rear drum brakes
Suspension system: Telescopic front forks and rear mono shock
Top speed: 30mph
Fuel type: Unleaded
Max weight of rider: 16 Stone
Warranty: 3 months manufacturers defects
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